Steve Royston Brown

Ceramics:Glass:Print Materials:Form:Image

This website serves as a selected folio of artworks produced between 2001 and 2017.

Brown’s work as an applied printmaker takes the starting point of the original print and serial mutation, combines this with a rich hoard of material knowledge to re-evaluate and invent new methods of producing intriguing image/form combinations.

Learning his skill base through 14 years spent in the competitive world of commercial textile printing, he returned to education to further his creative thinking around print and materials, through an Undergraduate course, followed by Masters and Doctoral studies at the Royal College of Art.

Brown’s practice as an artist has seen him exhibit nationally and internationally, drawing themes from the inherent language of print. Focussing variously on the materiality and physicality of the image, and ideas around memory and hybridity.

Post-doctoral research projects have focussed on developing new methodologies for restoration in the museum sector (V&A), utilising 3D print technologies, and the development of digital print in commercial production for the ceramic industry.

A selection of these innovations include: